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laser hair removal service

We Offer Premium Laser Hair Removal Service

Are you tired of tedious hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, and plucking? These time-consuming ways of hair removal cost upwards of $10,000 over the average lifetime. Plus, you’re often left with knicks or razor burn for your efforts. Maybe it’s time to consider a better way for smooth, hair-free skin. We offer laser hair removal service with the incredible GentleMAX Pro from Candela. As we are heading into cooler weather, now is the time to get started with your sessions for a hassle-free summer in 2023.

Laser Hair Removal Service Saves Time And Money

Instead of booking expensive appointments for waxing or shaving several times a week, you’ll enjoy smooth skin year-round after laser hair removal treatments. The investment you put into your sessions will last for years to come. Laser hair removal saves you countless hours down the road over traditional hair removal methods.

How Does It Work?

Candela, a leading provider of laser devices for over 20 years, has outdone itself with the GentleMax Pro system. This top-of-the-line device is a result of decades of innovation, making it the gold standard in laser hair removal. Overall, the science behind laser hair removal is simple: short pulsed energy targets the hair follicle, damaging it so it cannot grow hair. However, in the past, only people with certain hair/skin combinations could achieve good results. With new technology, we are now able to treat all skin types and hair colors. Plus, the sessions are faster and more comfortable than ever. With the GentleMax Pro, you’ll see a permanent reduction in hair growth in just 4-6 sessions.

Start Now For A Hair-Free Summer!

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and razor burn by starting your hair removal sessions this Fall. We recommend treatment sessions at 4-8 week intervals to ensure we catch hair at all stages of growth. By starting now, you’ll be confidently hair free by Spring and Summer. To learn more about the GentleMax Pro and laser hair removal, schedule a consultation with us.

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